Soma: Prophylaxis For Your Sore Muscles

What we are able to perform all because of our muscles. For each and every activity of our life, we depend on our muscles. This we come to know when we become dysfunctional due to muscle soreness, or muscle ache. Sometimes your muscles may get stretched, tore, or injured this is the main cause of your soreness in muscles. Once muscle pain happens, you are unable to perform activities.

If one part of your muscles is affected then it affects the other part also. This painful condition leads to the severe ongoing pain. If rest and physical therapy proves ineffective then begin using this medicine SOMA. This very drug helps in suppressing your muscle pain and enables you to get relief from your ongoing severe pain. One can again go back to work after his or her pain is suppressed. Trust on this medicine so that whenever you feel painful, use this and overcome it.

This one medicine is composed of Carisoprodol as active substance. This medicine causes the block in the transmission of pain signals from the nerves towards the brain. This is useful along with rest and physical therapy sessions.


The mechanism besides this is that it cuts off the pain sensation that passes to brain and make you feel pain free. This is a short term preventive method for removing discomfort and pain. This medicine belongs to muscle relaxant groups.

The most recommended dosage of this medicine is 250-350 mg, thrice per day only at night time. The recommended highest dosage of this medicine is about 2-3 weeks. One can also opt for using 500 mg; two fold per day only at night time. One can consume the maximum dose up to 1400 mg.

*Do not over dose the drug and if you see signs as hallucination, confusion, muscle stiffness, coma, fainting shallow breathing, and vision ailment then do report your doctor about it.

*In case you skip the dose then take it as soon you recall. Do not use extra dose to recoup the missed dose.

Contradictory points:

  • Disallow the use when you are prone to allergic reactions.
  • Disallow the use when you have porphyria.
  • Disallow the use in people below 16 years.

Safety tips:

  • Ensure not sharing with person of drug abuse or addiction.
  • Do never misuse this drug as it leads to addiction or over dosage.
  • Never take it in larger or smaller than required.
  • Prevent boozing as dizziness may become more.
  • Do not withdraw the drug at once.
  • There are chances of impaired thoughts so avoid driving or operating machinery.

One may have aftermaths with this medicine such as headache, dizziness, and drowsiness. Shun using this medicine whenever you see high serotonin levels, and seizures.

*Store at a place that is moisture, heat and light FREE.

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